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Say I have a DetailsView with a bunch of fields, and I want only certain kinds of users to edit a few of them. They're too few to split them into another DetailsView, so what I'm thinking is to find some way to only allow a user to edit them based on some code-behind logic, effectively making them read-only at will.

I feel it's important to mention that the fields are both TemplateFields, not normal BoundFields with ReadOnly properties.

Any ideas? For some reason the required functions don't jump at me from reading the documentation.

Oh and I need eveyone to see their specific values, I just want to restrict edit access to them.

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I wonder why this would get downvoted, it's not like it's spam or unclear or anything, or just asking for code (I provided it even when I figured it out) –  Blindy Apr 10 '14 at 14:29

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Hrm apparently it was as simple as setting the EditItemTemplate property of the fields in question to null. Seems to be working fine so far!

Edit: A short code sample showing how I did it:

        foreach (DataControlField field in dvDRDetails.Fields)
            if (!fieldstoignore.Contains(field.HeaderText))
                if (field is TemplateField)
                    ((TemplateField)field).EditItemTemplate = null;
                else if (field is BoundField)
                    ((BoundField)field).ReadOnly = true;

Where fieldstoignore is an array of field headers that I always have set as editable. The rest fall in two categories: TemplateField that require the hack I discussed above and BoundField that have a ReadOnly property I can set.

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