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I'm trying to write some ruby code that could connect to a XenServer VMs console (via /usr/lib/xen/bin/xenconsole) by first SSHing into the Host server then accessing the VMs console from the command line.

To do this I'm using the ruby library Net::SSH. I'm doing ok logging into the Host server via SSH and running the commands to get the DOM id of the VM. The problem comes when I'm running the xenconsole command. You have to press "enter" after the command to get dumped into the console, then you have to press CTRL + ] to exit the VM's console and get back to the Host's command line.

I'm using the code below, but it hangs at the "press enter" point and doesn't give any feedback from the SSH channel either as STDOUT or STDERR. What can I do to get to the VM's console to execute commands on the VM? Then how do I send the CTRL + ] characters?

def execute_remote_console(hostname, port, username, password, uuid)


Net::SSH.start( hostname, username, :password => password, :port => port ) do |session|

  dom_list_line = session.exec! "list_domains | grep #{uuid}"
  if dom_list_line.match(/(\d+)/)
    dom_id = $1
    puts "found #{uuid} on DOM #{dom_id}"
    raise "couldn't find DOM id"

  console_command = "/usr/lib/xen/bin/xenconsole #{dom_id}"
  puts "connecting to console: #{console_command}"

  session.exec!( console_command ) do |ch,stream,data|

    puts "pressing (enter)"
    ch.send_data "\n"

    case stream
      when :stderr
        puts "E-> #{data}"
        ch.exec "cat /etc/hostname" do |chan, success|
          raise "could not execute command" unless success

          # "on_data" is called when the process writes something to stdout
          chan.on_data do |c, data|
            $STDOUT.print data

          # "on_extended_data" is called when the process writes something to stderr
          chan.on_extended_data do |c, type, data|
            $STDERR.print data

          chan.on_close { puts "done!" }
      when :stdout
        puts "O-> #{data}"
        puts" other: #{data}"

  end #end session.exec

end #end SSH.start

    puts "\t\t\tok (#{$!.message})" 

end #end function
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