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I'd like to download all my logs to a file with "".

I don't use app.yaml, but I wrote a very simple one:

"application: myAppId 
version: 1 
runtime: java" 

I use this command:

python --append request_logs "app.yaml's path"  logs.txt 

And I always get:

Value 'java' for key runtime does not match expression '^python$' in 
"app.yaml's path", line 3, column 10 

What should I do to download all my logs?

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It seems that you are using the Java runtime, so take a look at:

And the arguments can be found here:

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Thank you very much! I did not know about this. I only knew about the python stuff. –  Hunter Jan 26 '11 at 23:16

Just for posterity, if you are using Eclipse, the Java script can be found inside of the Eclipse plugins directory where the GAE SDK gets installed. On my Mac this is in:


I chdir'd inside my GAE project folder that is running in Eclipse and then ran it like:

sh /Applications/Eclipse/.../bin/ request_logs war log_output.txt

The war is the directory of your war files inside your project. You should see:

> ls war/WEB-INF/lib 

The script runs the jar file which should prompt you for your email and password (I don't know how/if they are protecting it). If you are using the two-factor auth configured then you'll need to utilize the --oauth2 parameter. This requires (I guess) a 1.7.X version of the SDK because it wasn't available in 1.6.6. Of course their docs don't talk about versions.

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