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If I have the following code:

std::string name =   "Michael";
std::string spaces = "       ";

How would I programatically create the spaces string (a string with all spaces, the length matching the name variable)?

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You can pass a character and a length to a string, and it will fill a string of that length with the given character:

std::string spaces(7, ' ');

You can use the .size() property of std::string to find the length of your name; combined with the above:

std::string name = "Michael";
std::string spaces(name.size(), ' ');
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from http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/string/string/string/

std::string spaces(name.length(), ' ');
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Note: I would use size() instead of length() because size() matches the STL containers (will make your code more consistent). +1 though. –  Billy ONeal Jan 26 '11 at 16:37
std::string spaces(name.size(), ' ');
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I assume you know the length of 'name', hereby refered to as nameLength

std::string spaces(nameLength,' ');
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