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I've been looking for PDF documentation. So far, I've found a whole lot of "how to use Acrobat" books, and the PDF standard. Is there anything in between, some sort of introduction to the PDF format that's a little gentler than the Standard?

As part of this, I've found nothing on libharu except the project documentation page, which is scanty, and the mailing list, which is useful but not quite the same thing as documentation. Is there somewhere else I can look?

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The JPedal guys have been running a series on the PDF format. They also have a free PDF guide as a PDF eBook. It is on the side roll. Give it a try.

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I myself exploring to use libharu, and looking for docs. Since pdf is an open/iso standard, the spec from adobe would be helpful. You may check for later versions, or you could find one here.

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