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for (i........)
if (specimen == "AA161794") 
//more code

the if statement is there for debugging purposes. i need to examine some of the variables when specimen is that value. instead of application.run() i just need a generic piece of code to put in there so that it can stop there. it can be something like


what is the correct way of doing this?

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Cant you just set a break point? –  Hawxby Jan 26 '11 at 16:53

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You're trying to make a Conditional Breakpoint.
Right-click the breakpoint and click Condition....

Alternatively, write "".ToString();

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Use the following: Debug.Assert(false);

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To use existing constant

 # if DEBUG
            Console.WriteLine("debug mode");
 #  endif

If you define your own constant "Legacy"

 #if Legacy
            Console.WriteLine("legacy mode");
 # endif

enter image description here

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Setting a Breakpoint in your IDE (visual studio or monodevelop)

here is a nice article of how to setup Conditional breakpoints



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