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I tried editing it in VB.net 2005 and it's giving me syntax highlighting, but not intellisense.

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You should take a look at VbsEdit. It isn't free though.

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For a free alternative: See AutoIT using the SciTE Editor

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SAPIEN's Primalscript has intellisense plus a lot of VBScript samples. The help system is my book WSH and VBSCript Core: TFM which is a complete VBScript reference written for administrators with lots of real world and practical examples. You can download a 45 day eval copy from primalscript.com.

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I prefer SplineTech VBS Debugger (remotedebugger.com/vbs_debugger/vbs_debugger.asp) for complex WScript debugging scenarios. Been using it for years. –  Alex Stevens Oct 11 '12 at 16:15

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