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I am trying to read a file which I read previously successfully. I am reading it through a library, and I am sending it as-is to the library (i.e. "myfile.txt"). I know that the file is read from the working/current directory.

I suspect that the current/working directory has changed somehow. How do i check what is the current/working directory?

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Since you added the visual-c++ tag I'm going to suggest the standard windows function to do it. GetCurrentDirectory


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Interesting. Are you sure it doesn't just write the part that fits in the buffer? –  monoceres May 31 '13 at 13:02
Really sorry... My program was incorrect.. I just deleted my comments so they wouldn't mislead others. I tested it again: If the buffer size specified is not large enough, the buffer will be kept unmodified and the desired size will be returned. –  rob Jun 13 '13 at 0:55

Use _getcwd to get the current working directory.

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Boost filesystem library provides a clean solution

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Here's the most platform-agnostic answer I got a while ago:

How return a std::string from C's "getcwd" function

It's pretty long-winded, but does exactly what it's supposed to do, with a nice C++ interface (ie it returns a string, not a how-long-are-you-exactly?-(const) char*).

To shut up MSVC warnings about deprecation of getcwd, you can do a

#if _WIN32
    #define getcwd _getcwd
#endif // _WIN32
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