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I want to know if Android 2.3 Gingerbread and the Nexus S phone supports reading/writing ISO 15693 RFID chips? As of now, I know it can READ ISO 14443...

Does anyone know?

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I'm maybe too late, but I could read some RFID 15693 with my Nexus S at work. I don't try to read data in it, I only need to read the unique identifier for my project.

Best regards

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Hey Hrk, it's never too late. So did you read it with android's own library (android.nfc) or did you have to use some hack to do it? – user591009 Feb 3 '11 at 12:53
As we speak at the phone, it's with the official android.nfc API ! Have a look at the bottom of this page : I think the Nexus S reader is based on NFC IP-2. But I don't know for further android device. – Hrk Feb 4 '11 at 12:53
I can confirm that too; I was able to read a contactless ski pass with one of the RFID info apps that are available in the market with an unmodified Nexus S on 2.3.3. – lxgr Jan 3 '12 at 14:47

Mifare is based on ISO/IEC 14443, not on ISO/IEC 15693

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To communicate with this kind of chip, you have to use the following API from android :

The NfcV API was added in API level 10, corresponding as this page says to Android 2.3.3.

If you are using Android 2.3 GINGERBREAD, you have to upgrade your phone to at least Android 2.3.3 GINGERBREAD_MR1. Once you have done so, you'll be able to use the following methods from the api :

Tag tag = ...;
nfc = NfcV.get(tag);
byte[] read = nfc.transceive(new byte[]{0x00, 0x20, 0x05});

In this example, the phone will send 0x00, 0x20, 0x005 corresponding to the command to read block 5 from the card.

You can find the different avaliable commands and the answer the card will give in each case by googling "ISO/IEC FCD 15693 3" and taking the first link (yeah "You need at least 10 reputation to post more than 2 links." --')

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