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I would like to know what is the best way to do a notification in asp.net.

For example I have a form in which the user will provide some data. He then click the save button which call the save methode in my code behind.

In the save method I need to query the database to know if another related object exist. If not I need to notify the user that he will have to create the related object. This does not prevent the user from saving the parent object.

So I would like to do a modal popup telling the user : Hey after Im done saving your change, you will have to open another form and create the child object.

So should I create another NotificationWebform where the user will be redirect after the sava to notify him. It seems to be a "lot" of effort for a little notification. The best thing for me would be something like an alert in javascript.


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Just put a lable on the page and display your message in that label after saving the data successfully to the database.

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That would do the trick. –  Breach Jan 26 '11 at 19:09

If it doesn't exist let him simply save it. If it already exists then just display that information to the user. Forget the JS alert and the modal pop-up; what if JS is disabled? Either way, just create success and failure messages/panels and display the appropriate one.

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