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Has anyone managed to get color syntax-highlighting working in the output of Sweave documents? I've been able to customize the output style by adding boxes, etc. in the Sweave.sty file as follows:


And I can get the minted package to do syntax highlighting of verbatim-code blocks in my document like so:

use Foo::Bar;

but I'm not sure how to combine the two for R input sections. I tried the following:


Any suggestions?

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This topic on tex.StackExchange might be interesting for you, as it suggest loading the SweaveListingUtils package in R for easy solution.

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Thanks. I can't seem to get SweaveListingUtils to work, but I'll have a try at the \renewenvironment stuff. – Ken Williams Jan 26 '11 at 19:23
@Ken Williams: could you specify what is the problem with the package? I hoped it could work for you as a nice and easy solution. If the error would persist, good luck with other alternatives! – daroczig Jan 26 '11 at 19:55

Yes, look at some of the vignettes for Rcpp as for example (to pick just one) the Rcpp-FAQ pdf.

We use the highlight by Romain which itself can farm out to the hightlight binary by Andre Simon. It makes everything a little more involved---Makefiles for the vignettes etc pp---but we get colourful output from R and C/C++ code. Which makes it worth it.

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I have a solution that has worked for me, I have not tried it on any other systems though so things may not work out of the box for you. I've posted some code at https://gist.github.com/797478 that is a set of modified Rweave driver functions that make use of minted blocks instead of verbatim blocks.

To use this driver just specify it when calling the Sweave function with the driver=RweaveLatexMinted() option.

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Here's how I've ended up solving it, starting from @daroczig's suggestion.



While I was at it, I needed to get caching working because I'm using large data sets and one chunk was taking around 3 minutes to complete. So I wrote this zsh shell function to process an .Rnw file with caching:

function sweaveCache() {
    Rscript -e "library(cacheSweave); setCacheDir(getwd()); Sweave('$1.Rnw', driver = cacheSweaveDriver)" &&
    pdflatex --shell-escape $1.tex &&
    open $1.pdf

Now I just do sweaveCache myFile and I get the result opened in Preview (on OS X).

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BTW, the --shell-escape thingy is needed by minted because it does the syntax highlighting in Python. – Ken Williams Jan 26 '11 at 21:03
In r-studio the shell escape is done by Tools - Global Options - Sweave - Enable shell escape commands. Minted also requires the python package "pygments". On Linux, installed by "sudo pip2 install Pygments" – Richard Marmorstein Nov 10 '14 at 21:36

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