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What is the IDE commonly used on Windows for Lua development?(I am using Netbeans and I am ready to switch).

Has anybody used LuaEclipse? Would you recommend the LuaEclipse debugger?

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You might consider using IntelliJ's Lua plugin (Disclaimer: I am the author).

You can read about the features here:


There are also lots of pictures and screencasts so you can get a feel for things without much effort.

IntelliJ Community Edition and the Lua plugin are both free.

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I just installed the plugin and looks very promising. Thank you and congratulations for building such a useful plugin. –  Harish Shetty Mar 19 '11 at 3:30

I tried to use LuaEclipse, after 3 days of trying to find a combination of Eclipse and LuaEclipse that would work together I gave up.

Now I'm using vim, and debug using print and debug.debug() - works for me.

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Scite is a pretty solid editor and has popup help for Lua library functions, in addition to code completion. If you're working on a C/C++ program with Lua embedded in it, you may also want to try editing Lua files directly in VS using the VSLua extension. It just does syntax highlighting, but it's nice not to have to flip between programs when editing files (assuming your other monitors, if you have them, are displaying something else important).

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I personally like vim, Scite and geany which all are crossplatform. Those, combined with RemDebug from the Kepler project make a nice combo, all you need is an extra terminal for the debugger.

If you want to have an easy example, the most recent beta of murgaLua comes with all required lib's.

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LuaEdit is the a reasonable IDE which offers built-in lua debugging. Other options mentioned above (VSLua, vim, Scite) just give you syntax highlighing and editing options and needs to be combined with an external debugger.

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You may want to try ZeroBrane Studio IDE, which includes a remote debugger and integrates with Love2d, Moai, and other Lua engines. There are details in this SO answer as well as features and screenshots posted on the website.

The IDE itself is written in Lua and can be extended using Lua.

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The Zeus IDE has support for Lua. It does the standard syntax highlighting, code folding, class browsing, code templates etc.

Zeus is also fully scriptable and it is also possible to write Zeus macros in Lua.

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Lua Development Tools (Eclipse plug-in) is a very active project, and it provides a debugger.

It can easily be installed from the Eclipse Marketplace.

Disclaimer: I am the project lead of the Koneki project, which is where Lua Development Tools live :)

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+1, I tried to use the Eclipse Lua plugin in 2010 and gave up. This version looks promising. –  Harish Shetty Nov 23 '11 at 0:50

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