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when I want to share data I often get in a mess using the operator[] (const size_t& i) in c++. I wanted to ask if there is a design pattern that I should be using - or a better way altogether.

Writing a complex vector container illustrates my problem - although I've had similar problems writing other containers.

This is the code that I want to write:

class complex; //forward declaration to my complex number container.

//my complex vector container 
class cvec{
      size_t m_size;  //The number of complex numbers in the vector
      /* I want my data stored 
       * real(0), imag(0), real(1), imag(1) ... real(m_size-1), imag(m_size-1) 
       * so that I can easily pass the data to blas routines - for example.
      double* m_data;  // 2 * m_size
      //return a reference to constant complex number
      const complex& operator[](const size_t& i) const;  
      //return a reference to a complex number that points to m_data.
      //The user should be able to alter m_data by altering the returned complex number
      complex& operator[](const size_t& i);             

It mirrors exactly my class vec (which is just an array of doubles).

My problem is how to manage the references to the complex numbers in a sane way when the data is shared in this manner.

The way I am doing it at the moment feels ugly. I define my complex class like this:

class complex{
    double* m_data; //a pointer that always contains 2 elements
    bool    m_own;  //whether this class owns the data - or whether the data belongs to cvec
    void alloc_data(); //allocate the memory if m_own == true
    //A constructor when the complex number owns its data.
    complex(const double& x, const double& y) : m_own(true)
    { alloc_data(); m_data[0] = x; m_data[1]=y;}

    //A constructor when it does not
    complex(double* data) : m_own(false)
    { m_data = data;}


And then in the cvec class adding a set of references in a std::vector container like so

 class cvec{ 
   std::vector<boost::shared_ptr<complex> > m_complex_data;   
   void alloc_data() {  //I use calloc as I believe this is byte aligned while the new operator is not...
     if (m_size>0)
       m_data =  ( double* )  calloc(2*m_size, sizeof(double));

     for(size_t i=0;i<m_size;++i){
       //Pass a pointer to data to the new complex class
       boost::shared_ptr<complex> cptr(  new complex(m_data + 2*i) );
       m_complex_data[i] =  cptr ;
   //Return the reference   
   const complex&
   operator[](const size_t& i) const
   {return *m_complex_data[i];}   

This works but feels rather precarious. I wanted to ask if there is a better way of managing references when you want to share data between classes. Is there a design pattern that I should be using when sharing data in this way.

Many thanks, Tom

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What's wrong with shared_ptr<std::vector<std::complex>>? –  ybungalobill Jan 26 '11 at 19:01
Or, actually, what's wrong with std::vector<shared_ptr<std::complex<double> > >? –  David M. Miller Jan 26 '11 at 19:19
@ybunalobil, @David Hi, I want to store the data in a pointer so that I can pass it to the blas library easily (which takes a pointer to an array). I don't want to have copy every element into an array before I can use the optimized functions. (Do I have to do that copy?) –  Tom Jan 26 '11 at 22:07

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