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Currently I'm reading Natural Language Processing for the Working Programmer (a work in progress book http://nlpwp.org/) and wondering if there is a decent library for statistical natural language processing tasks.

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I don't think there is a single library that does a lot of the tasks that statistical NLP library users would expect (Warning: I don't know very much about statistical natural language processing). There are some interesting looking general-purpose core components like the NGrams, estimators, logfloat and hmm libraries. There are also some tools that do some very specific tasks, like morfette for morphology or the hs-gizapp which wraps around GIZA++ for getting word alignments between pairs of documents

Keep an eye on the NLP section of Hackage and do consider joining the Haskell NLP community (the site is currently down due to a recent attack on the haskell community server)

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Thank you so much! I wanted to know if there are comprehensive snlp libraries, ok not as comprehensive as nltk for python. Before asking, I did some web search and I was a bit disappointed because of the short list of nlp tools on HackageDB. –  txxwq Jan 27 '11 at 12:22

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