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The Linux Programming Interface has an exercise in Chapter 3 that goes like this:

When using the Linux-specific reboot() system call to reboot the system, the second argument, magic2, must be specified as one of a set of magic numbers (e.g., LINUX_REBOOT_MAGIC2). What is the significance of these numbers? (Converting them to hexadecimal provides a clue.)

The man page tells us magic2 can be one of LINUX_REBOOT_MAGIC2 (672274793), LINUX_REBOOT_MAGIC2A (85072278), LINUX_REBOOT_MAGIC2B (369367448), or LINUX_REBOOT_MAGIC2C (537993216). I failed to decipher their meaning in hex. I also looked at /usr/include/linux/reboot.h, which didn't give any helpful comment either.

I then searched in the kernel's source code for sys_reboot's definition. All I found was a declaration in a header file.

Therefore, my first question is, what is the significance of these numbers? My second question is, where's sys_reboot's definition, and how did you find it?

EDIT: I found the definition in kernel/sys.c. I only grepped for sys_reboot, and forgot to grep for the MAGIC numbers. I figured the definition must be hidden behind some macro trick, so I looked at the System.map file under /boot, and found it next to ctrl_alt_del. I then grepped for that symbol, which led me to the correct file. If I had compiled the kernel from source code, I could try to find which object file defined the symbol, and go from there.

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Just a guess, but those numbers look more interesting in hex:

672274793 = 0x28121969
 85072278 = 0x05121996
369367448 = 0x16041998
537993216 = 0x20112000

Developers' or developers' children's birthdays?

Regarding finding the syscall implementation, I did a git grep -n LINUX_REBOOT_MAGIC2 and found the definition in kernel/sys.c. The symbol sys_reboot is generated by the SYSCALL_DEFINE4(reboot, ... gubbins, I suspect.

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+1 just for the dates ;) – BlackBear Jan 26 '11 at 19:13
That must be it! I should have lined the numbers up! – Wei Hu Jan 26 '11 at 19:15
Dec 28, 1969 is Linus Torvalds' birth date [Wikipedia]. The others appear to be his children's birth dates, though I can only confirm one was born in December 1996 [random googling]. – Eric Seppanen Jan 26 '11 at 20:31
Throw in their place of birth and you can probably guess their social security numbers or something... ;-) – R.. Mar 22 '11 at 4:11
Confirmed, they are the birth dates of Linus and his 3 daughters. -> nndb.com/people/444/000022378 – cdated Mar 24 '11 at 3:32

It's the birthday of Linus Torvald(The developer of linux kernel and version control GIT) and his 3 daughters. works as magic numbers to reboot the system.


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