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Alright, here is my code:
(@wsource is an entered website source code)

@barray  = @wsource.scan(/(xxxx:|[\/|.|\w|\s]*\.(?:jp?g|gif|png))/i)  
puts @barray.collect! {|x| "http:" + x}

First, @wsource scans for image URLs. Then they are returned without the preceding http: (which should be there.) Trying to do line two returns

C:/Users/myself/workspace/Test/ripper.rb:51:in `+': can't convert String into Array (TypeError)

Although the ruby docs says .scan returns an array, it seems to be returning a string here. Any help, either with the regex or adding the http: appreciated!

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In "http:" + x, x is an Array of captures. Try this instead: "http:" + x.first

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Worked perfectly! Thanks a ton man. – user451711 Jan 26 '11 at 19:31

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