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I have a client server setup. I need my client to be able to call the server, and the server pass down either a file or the text contained in the file. I am new to web development. Which type of technologies should I investigate. I know that Java Web Services, Java Servlets, Java EE Applications all exist. But which one would be best for my uses? The server side application must be Java and run in Apache Tomcat.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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are you talking about a webclient or a Swing desktop client? – hvgotcodes Jan 26 '11 at 19:27
@hvgotcodes Its a swing desktop client – user489041 Jan 26 '11 at 19:29

Try Restlet in combination with Jetty container, but it works with any container (including Tomcat). Here is where you can start.

Restlet can be used for both desktop or in-browser web apps. Also it nicely integrates with Google Web Toolkit.

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Check out the Google Web Toolkit

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