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I am looking at developing web apps for mobile device specifically, the iPhone but this discussion is open to mobile devices in general. I was trying some HTML5 websites on both my desktop browser and iPhone browser.

An example is: www.creativepony.com If I understand correctly, the grass animation was made using the canvas tag of HTML5 and then using javascript to create the animation. In my desktop browser, it looks fine and very smooth. However, when I visit the website in my iphone 4 browser (iOS 4.1), the grass animation lags.

I tested with 3G and wifi. They both lag but 3G is slightly worse.

My question is, if I were to develop animation rich HTML5 + JS web app, what would be causing the lag? Is it the iPhone CPU itself? or is it the mobile browser? or just a slower internet connection on the iPhone? or something else?

I am asking because it seems like the iPhone 4 CPU is powerful enough to run some very impressive games. How can it not be able to display a HTML5+JS animation? If it is slower internet connection, the offline caching ability of HTML5 should help especially since I want to make my web app offline-capable. Or, is it the safari browser on the iPhone? Or something else entirely.

Thanks again!

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I've never had much luck getting a javascript heavy application/game running smoothly in iOS :( –  raidfive Jan 26 '11 at 20:50
Why though? Is it better on Anroid or Windows 7? –  Yko Jan 26 '11 at 21:53

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Mobile Safari simply isn't very good at running Javascript animation, due to the fact that it gets powered by the CPU. Even the simplest transforms and changes to opacity can be very sluggish.

However, CSS -webkit-transition and -webkit-animation rules can be used to good effect, as they are powered by the GPU: the results can appear as smooth as native iOS animations.

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As of version 4.2.1, iOS does not yet support hardware accelerated graphics in Safari, which means any complex animation in HTML5 will lag on iOS devices because only the CPU of Apple's A4 SoC (System on a Chip) is being used, not the native APIs for the GPU.

This problem may be alleviated if iOS ever supports WebGL, since supporting it would imply linking the Safari's WebGL to the GPU's native OpenGL capabilities. Apple could also decide to provide hardware acceleration through the canvas element and other JavaScript animation code as well, but Apple has never pronounced themselves on the issue as of yet.

The reason your computer has no problem animating the grass on www.creativepony.com is because of its powerful CPU. If you try this Web site on a very old machine, you may experience the same symptoms the iPhone suffers from.

Should you decide to develop graphic intensive applications for iOS, I suggest you consider Apple's App Store-backed development SDK for native apps instead. It's more complicated, but it provides much greater flexibility.

Much in the same way, other devices such as those powered by the Android platform do not yet support hardware-accelerated HTML5. In fact, few desktop browsers currently provide any useful hardware acceleration, although the beta IE9 shows promising results.

Alternatively, if you think you can overlook the folks using iOS (iOS cannot run Flash apps and probably won't do for a long time, due to Apple taking a strong stance against it), a growing part of the Android market share is capable of playing back hardware-accelerated Flash 10.1 Web apps, including video, such as Samsung's Galaxy Tab. You may want to consider developing your game in Adobe Flash instead. Additionally, Adobe is starting to integrate native hardware acceleration with Flash 10.2 in desktops as well.

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Thanks for your input. So, it is a matter of CPU. I do develop iPhone apps natively but with Android, BB, and now Windows 7 coming to market, I am moving towards a hybrid webapp/native app where I am going to use native SDK only for device related API such as accelerometer, camera, etc...and do the logic via a webapp interface. That way minimal work is needed to remake for Android, etc...My web app will not be that graphic intensive but I was worried since the creativepony animation seems fairly simple and yet lags severely on an iPhone. –  Yko Jan 26 '11 at 21:53
Yeah, Facebook is doing the same thing. They're planning on moving their 7 (I think) individual mobile Facebook apps into a single HTML5 Web-based solution. –  Étienne Lévesque Guitard Jan 28 '11 at 14:50

I'm not sure but I think javascript does not use GPU so a game on you iphone can run smooth because of the GPU but a javascript animation can't... anyway as I said I'm not sure but you can take a look at this http://ajaxian.com/archives/javascript-running-on-the-gpu


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