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Given the one-table design given below how would the following best be queried

  • The set of extended family members given a folk id
  • The set of common ancestors given two folk ids
  • The set of descendants given a folk id

*Bonus 1st cousins, twice removed given a folk id

Table Folk

FolkID (PK)
MotherID (FK to folkid)
FatherID (FK to folkid)
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Does it have to be standard SQL? – Loki Jan 26 '09 at 19:46
This sounds like a homework question – Eppz Jan 26 '09 at 19:47
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Someone has to build a familytree application? I did something similar some time ago, using XML and XPath:

     <Person ID="1" Name="Minu eesnimi" Surname="Minu perekonnanimi" Picture="0" Sex="M">
          <Event Name="Birth" Prefix="" Location="Tallinn" Date="14.01.1963"><![CDATA["Ilusal jaanuarihommikul"]]>
          <Event Name="Death" Prefix="" Location="" Date=""/>
          <Father ID="2" Type="P&#228;ris"/>
          <Mother ID="3" Type="P&#228;ris"/>
          <Spouse ID="4"/>

String XPath="child::*/child::Person[child::Father[@ID=\""+String(ID) +"\"] and child::Mother[@ID=\""+String(Spouse)+"\"]]"; etc.

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