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What is the best way to approaching testing content vs. testing functionality? It seems like a complete test suite should fully test all parts of the application's function. But to what extent should it verify the application's content?

As a concrete example of this, I'm working on testing emails in a Rails web application. I clearly need to verify that the email is being sent when it should be sent. But what are the best practices for testing the content of the email? It doesn't seem too DRY to have a separate copy of the email content on the testing side (as it seems the default Rails fixtures approach mandates), and then have to update both the code and test whenever any piece of content changes. But without doing this, content changes can't be fully tested (and this may be important for dynamic content).

The same question would apply for content (text, images) on a website, or in any other application.

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I would expect your emailing mechanism to use a template (say) and your test to compare the output vs. the original specified email. So your code and test will be configured with two different (but aligned) pieces of info - the template and the specification to test against.

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