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Unlike UITextField, UITextView has no events to connect in IB. How do I detect when keyboard pops down so I can save the text? Thanks.

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UITextView doesn't have enumerated events, but what it does have is a delegate protocol: UITextViewDelegate. You generally connect the "delegate" outlet of the UITextView to your UIViewController subclass, and in your UIViewController subclass you add the <UITextViewDelegate> to your class interface declaration:

@interface MyUIViewController : UIViewController <UITextViewDelegate>

Then in your MyUIViewController.m file you can implement one of the various methods in the delegate protocol. In your case, the method I believe you want is:

- (void)textViewDidEndEditing:(UITextView *)textView
    // do stuff with the contents of the text view...
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UITextView has a delegate which conforms to the UITextViewDelegate protocol. This protocol provides, among other methods, one named -textViewDidEndEditing: which is called when the keyboard is dismissed or when focus moves to another control.

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You should use UITextViewDelegate protocol to receive messages from UITextView related to text editing states. You'll want to use textViewDidEndEditing: method.

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