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I know most of the java development tools for Eclipse will have a short-cut script for adding in JavaDoc blocks for needed elements (including the page-level).

Further, I know that PDT will allow you to "Generate Element Comment" for many things through the Source menu.

Is there an Eclipse plug-in out there (or perhaps it exists standard in PDT and I've just missed it) that will allow you to add PHPDoc Blocks for all/some of the supported elements in a given file?

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place your text cursor right above your function, class or whatever, type /** and press enter and you'll have a beginning of PHPDoc written. Eg.

 * Enter description here ...
 * @param unknown_type $book
 * @param unknown_type $product

You can then write @ inside the comments, and use @ followed by ctrl+space to get auto-completion hints for PHPDoc tags.

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Pretty cool and simple, thanks a lot! – Julia Hexen Aug 24 '12 at 9:26

In PDT 1.3:

Window > Preferences > PHP > Editor > Typing > Automatically close > Phpdoc and comment regions (Check) > Add Phpdoc tags (check)

Also, modify your templates to include more Phpdoc: Preferences > PHP > Templates

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