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this is the error Fatal error: Call to undefined function assign(
this is the code, as you can see i obviously have defined the function so why is it not working

class shades {
    function create($name, $shades, $slug, $shortDesc, $longDesc, $position){
        $name = sanitize_paranoid_string($name);
        $slug = slug($name);
        $shortDesc = sanitize_sql_string($shortDesc);
        $longDesc = sanitize_sql_string($longDesc);
        $query = mysql_query("INSERT INTO products (type, name, slug, shortDesc, htmlDesc, position)VALUES('shades','$name','$slug','$shortDesc','$longDesc','$position')")or die(mysql_error());  
        $ID = mysql_insert_id();
        assign($shades, $ID);
        if($query) {return true;}
        else {return false;};
    function delassign($toID){
        mysql_query("DELETE FROM assign WHERE type='shades' AND toID='$toID'")or die(mysql_error());    
    function assign($shades, $toID)
        foreach($shades as $shade)
            $result = mysql_query("INSERT INTO assign(type, typeID, toID)VALUES('shades','$shade','$toID')")or die(mysql_error());
            if($result){echo "Added!";}
            else{echo"Not Added!";}
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The sample code might be vulnerable to SQL injection in function delassign. To fix this hole, switch from the outdated mysql driver to PDO and use prepared statements. Note this is superior to explicit sanitization because while you can forget to sanitize, there is nothing security-wise to forget with prepared statement parameters (if you forget a parameter, PHP will generate an error informing you). –  outis Jan 26 '11 at 21:33
... If you need a PDO tutorial, try "Writing MySQL Scripts with PHP and PDO". –  outis Jan 26 '11 at 21:34

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You dont have a function named assign(), but a method with this name. PHP is not Java and in PHP you have to make clear, if you want to call a function


or a method


In your case the call to the function resides inside another method. $this always refers to the object, in which a method exists, itself.

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you need to call the function like this


instead of just assign()

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I stumbled upon this error today while testing a simple script. I am not using "class" function though so it take it with grain of salt. I was calling function before its definition & declaration ...something like this

       catch (exception $e)
            echo "$e->getMessage()";

       function foo(){
                       echo "blah blah blah";

so php was throwing me error "call to undefined function ".

This kinda seem classic programming error but may help someone in need of clue.

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