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Is it possible to update the file after initial submission of an iOS app to the app store?

We have a stable version of a new app ready to submit but wondering if we can post an update with new features even while the app is under review after few days of initial submission. Or do we have to wait for the app to be approved first to submit an update?

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You can reject your first binary and upload the new one. Your position in the review queue will be reset. If you are worried about the release date more than your stability fixes you can just submit the update immediately after it is released to the app store.

App Store Submission Tips

Changing the Status of Your App - “Developer Rejected” and “Developer Removed From Sale”

Once you have submitted your binary, iTunes Connect allows you to manage and edit many aspects of your application. However, it’s important to understand the impact making changes has on your application, depending on its state.

Developer Rejected

If you need to submit a new binary for your application prior to it being reviewed by the App Store Review Team, you can change the status of your application to Developer Rejected. To do so, log in to iTunes Connect, click on the Manage Your Applications module, then click the Reject Binary button from the application summary view.

Keep in mind that changing the status of your application to Developer Rejected while it is in the review process removes your application from the review queue. The review process will start again from the beginning once you resubmit your binary.

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Update: In iTunes Connect, click on 'Manage Your Apps' -> <Your App> -> 'View Details' -> 'Binary Details' -> 'Reject This Binary' –  Farhan Hafeez Oct 24 '13 at 11:07

UPDATE: as per the comment by Autonomy below, it looks like the policy has changed and you can now reject a binary when its status is In Review. I've left my original answer below for reference:

The answer to the question is NO. You cannot submit a new binary when then app is In Review. You can only reject your own app (Developer Rejected) whilst it is still in the Waiting for Review state, with the consequence that when you re-submit it will go to the back of the review queue. Once the app is In Review you have to wait for it to be accepted or rejected by Apple.

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Not strictly true anymore, I rejected a binary that was 'In Review' recently. –  Autonomy Aug 4 '13 at 18:15
Yep true, I'm able to reject my binary that was 'In Review' recently –  dreamexploded Jul 1 at 0:46

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