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I am trying to use named query with pagination of elements, but I am not a database expert and the answers I found didn't help much, will be thankful for some help, code :

    @NamedQuery(name = "Object.byName", query = "select a from OBJECT a where"),


using : findByNamedQuery("Object.byName", a);

I know I need to use setFirstResult(x); and setMaxResults(y); but how to use them with findByNamedQuery.

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You need to work with the session/entity manager directly:

Query q = entityManager.createNamedQuery("Object.byName");
//set the parameters here
return q.list();

This is the JPA syntax, hibernate's is almost the same.

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@seismael - are you using spring's HibernateTemplate? – Bozho Jan 26 '11 at 21:40

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