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How do I prevent my form from being resized? I don't want it to be maximized (which can be toggled via the property editor), but I don't want anyone to be able to drag-resize it. Am I missing something simple, or does this require a little bit of coding?

I'm using Delphi 2007.

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TForm has the property you need. Set

BorderStyle to bsSingle

so that the form doesn't appear to be sizable, and it has the added benefit of actually not being sizable. :-)

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You can set the BorderStyle to bsDialog.

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Don't forget about the Constraint properties of TForm, i.e. MaxHeight, MinHeight, MaxWidth, MinWidth.

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Also OnCanResize, OnConstrainedResize events. – TOndrej Jan 28 '09 at 16:56
@TOndrej Thank you for that; i never even noticed them. +1 – Ian Boyd Apr 15 '11 at 18:03

You can set the BorderStyle to bsSingle, too. That will give you a proper top level frame, with icon and everything.

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And if you want to get really geeky (i.e. the answers above are better), you can intercept the RESIZE Windows message.

I would go with the Constraints property myself.


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