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I am making a CSS file for an XML document. I need to insert an image - the filename of which is contained inside an element.

This is part of the xml code I am referring to:

   <text> Club Praia is divided and linked by a foot bridge over the main street which runs 
   through the heart of Praia Da Rocha.</text>

Ordinarily, I would use text:after{ content: url(filename.jpg) }, which would work if it was the same one image being used each time. Instead, I need to insert the specific image name (in this one example pria.jpg) held inside the image element tags, into the generated content code.

Is there a way I can do this? (Hope my explanation made sense!!)

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This will probably be possible with CSS3 named strings. However, this spec is not even halfway finished, so I'd recommend you go with XSLT.

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You can definitely do this using XSLT, but if there is a pure CSS solution, I would love to see it too.

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I'm interested in a pure CSS solution, too. I tried this:

image {
    string-set: pic contents;

image:after {
    content: url(string(pic));

without success.

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