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I have been playing with Drupal for a few days and am hoping to migrate my site to using it.

I was hoping to have Facebook Logins and "Likes" supported for all users, and to hack together something on my own that posts Drupal article summaries onto my own wall with a link.

I specifically want to use Drupal 7 since I figure I may as well learn the most recent release. The one downside with this release so far is that a large number of modules don't have a 7.x release, or at least not a stable one.

Any suggestions on what Facebook module looks best? Currently leaning toward Drupal for Facebook but they don't have a stable release out yet...

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I think you're best off going with Drupal for facebook even though it's not stable. But this is just my 5 cents. Help developers making it a stable and good release by using it and submitting ticket.

cheers, Jørgen

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Sounds like this is the best way to go then. I was hestitating to use it since learning the system with something unstable risks making it more confusing. Maybe I will look to adding this feature after a week or two of getting Drupal basics down, rather than having it something I want running right away. Thanks again! –  Panky Jan 26 '11 at 23:54

I've been playing with Janrain and the Janrain Engage module. The free service seems decent enough for a small website and it supports many other sites in addition to Facebook (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Myspace.)

Might be worth a look.. The Drupal 7 release is still in development for this one as well.

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