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I'm struggling to find the root cause of a problem that occurs apparently randomly in my application. I have a listener registered for SENSOR.TYPE_ORIENTATION in my service and on Screen OFF broadcast I unregister the listener, and on Screen ON a register it again. From time to time, after phone reboot, or maybe unplug, while the most of the time the phone is in stand by I get a high sensor usage in phone information (along with high battery use associated with my app...) In logcat I find lines like this just before Screen OFF :

01-26 18:02:52.891 E/SensorManager(13487): unregisterListener: alex.munteanu.SimpleService$2@48790020 MS-3C Orientation Sensor

These are some kind of errors that shows that the Listener could not be unregistered ? If yes, why and what can I do ?

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You need to post your code. It could be related to where you unregistered the listener. –  user432209 Jan 26 '11 at 23:48
I unregister when I receive SCREEN OFF event. In the OnSensorChanged I log for debug the values, and I see that between SCREEN OFF and SCREEN ON events there are no values logged. –  Alex Jan 27 '11 at 9:14

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