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I want to make some tests on my modules.

Unfortunately, some functions in these modules use hardcoded configurations files.

package My::Module;

use strict;
use warnings;
use Readonly;

Readonly my $CONF_FILE => '/my/conf_file.xml';


=head2 Info($appli)

Returns Application Information


sub Info
  my $appli = shift;

  my $conf = MyXML::Read($CONF_FILE);
  foreach my $a (ARRAY($conf->{application}))
    return ($a) if ($a->{name} eq $appli);

  return (undef);
[some others functions that use this config file...]

The solution that came to my mind is to create a new function in each module that will change this default config file when I need it.

Then I will use that function in my tests...

Do you have any other (better ?) ideas ?

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Well, the proper thing for me to tell you would be "don't use hard coded paths". It'll come back and bite you at some point in the future, I promise.

But... assuming you're resolved to using them, there are a number of ways to allow an override. You're right you could add a function that would let you change it, or you could use an environmental variable:

  Readonly my $CONF_FILE => $ENV{'MY_CONF_FILE'} || '/foo/bar';

But the right thing to do is still to allow for other items to be passed in properly if you have a choice.

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+1 for "don't hardcode". Using a config file that you can swap out for a new one allows for much more flexibility in testing. –  Ether Jan 26 '11 at 22:54

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