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When I configure (under cygwin environment), an error occurred, Message are following:

$ ./configure
checking build system type... /bin/sh: ./config.guess: No such file or directory
configure: error: cannot guess build type; you must specify one

How to resolve it? Thanks!!

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search for /usr/share/automake*/config.guess

check the latest version of automake

$ which automake
$ automake --version

find the appropriate automake folder in /usr/share/automake.1.11.1/config.guess

replace config.guess from your build tree with /usr/share/automake.1.11.1/config.guess

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config.guess and config.sub routines are updated and kept on github; You'll get the web pointers when you run the script,


In my Mingw system, config.sub or .guess were not in the share/../automake-1.11/ tree, I needed to download the updated scripts which worked (when they replaced the old ones).

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