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How would I take a screen shot of a few objects from the top view excluding the background and other objects.

Is it possible??

If it isn't, then how do I make the background and grid invisible or transparent so that I can output an image with only my selected object.

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Are you talking about using MaxScript for this? Otherwise, this seems off-topic for Stack Overflow – Phrogz Jan 26 '11 at 23:16
Script would be next, but I don't know how I would do it using the UI. – stone Jan 26 '11 at 23:30
I don't see any "maxscript" category, so no this is not off topic. it's a genuine 3dsmax question. If you need help with the script, just let us know. – Stig Atle Steffensen Jan 27 '11 at 12:00

With no script, you have to :

  1. press 'G' for hiding grid in current selected viewport.
  2. select your objects
  3. right-click and select "hide unselected".
  4. zoom extent by pressing "z"
  5. go to "tools->Grab viewport". (max 2011).

This can be done with script fairly easily.

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