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I'm trying to fix a problem with a file download that isn't working in IE from an ASP.NET MVC application.

The controller action looks something like this:

    [OutputCache(Duration = 0, NoStore = true, VaryByParam = "*")]
    public FileResult GetTemplate(int id)
        var data = GetData(id);

        return File(Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes(data), MimeType.Csv.Type, "template.csv");

The download is initiated using a window.open() call in javascript. It works fine in Firefox, but not IE. IE download error

If I remove the OutputCache attribute then it works fine in IE.

Why does the OutputCache line break the download in IE?

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I was able to get it working by changing the OutputCacheAttribute line to be [OutputCache(Duration = 1200, Location = OutputCacheLocation.Client, VaryByParam = "*", NoStore = false)]. My question still holds though, but I'm not looking for a solution or workaround. I'm trying to understand why it doesn't work in IE and am looking for an explanation. –  GiddyUpHorsey Jan 27 '11 at 23:21

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To answer your final question, you are looking for an explanation, here it is:


This is effectively a bug in IE.

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Two possibilities:

  1. Don't use window.open but a simple download link
  2. Use application/octet-stream:

    return File(
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