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My html form looks like this:

<form name="someform">
     <select name="someid">
          <option value ="option1">

I'm trying to see all of the choices and be able to choose them.

I can select the form like this:


I can print(br) and see the SelectControl that I want. If I do:

print br["someid"]

that's just a list but only contains the first value. Is there an API for HTMLForm that I can look at?

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I think what you want to do is to print br.form. This prints out ONLY the options in the form. Also, if anything in the form is a dropdown, then the options for that dropdown should also show up.

You could then use BeautifulSoup to parse the options.

Hope this helps

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I'll give BeautifulSoup a shot, thanks –  JPC Jan 27 '11 at 22:08

Using br.possible_items("someid") gives you the list of options.

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