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i am trying to fill each half of the datatable in parallel,but it didnt work, here is how i made the call:

                () => fillParallel(0, t.Rows.Count / 2, values, t),
                () => fillParallel(t.Rows.Count / 2, t.Rows.Count, values, t));

and here is the function:

void fillParallel(int l,int h,string[]v,DataTable t)
            for (int rowIndex = l; rowIndex < h; rowIndex++)
                for (int columnIndex = 0; columnIndex <t.Rows.Count; columnIndex++)
                   t.Rows[rowIndex][columnIndex] = v[(rowIndex * t.Rows.Count) + columnIndex];

when i made the calls sequentially it worked out, but when i tried to make it in parallel i got an (index out of range) error, why is that?

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DataTables are not threadsafe.

You can't do that.

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