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The problem I'm having is that any 'delete' action that gets called in IE-7 goes to the 'show' instead of performing the destroy. The 'logout' ends up trying the samething but fails as there is no 'show' action for account_session. The funny thing is that everything works fine in Firefox-3.6.x. I'm using Authlogic for authentication, but don't think that matters.

Can anyone spot a problem with my routes? or know why IE doesn't like them?


resource :account_session
root :controller => "account_sessions", :action => "new" # optional, this just sets the root route

resources :accounts
resource :account, :controller => "accounts"

resource :password_resets, :controller => "password_resets" #, :only => [:new, :edit]
resources :password_resets

resources :students
resources :departments

resources :exhibitions, :only => [:destroy, :update]
resources :projects do
  resources :exhibitions, :only => [:create, :edit, :index, :new, :show]

resources :tags

resources :medias, :only => [:destroy, :update, :create, :edit, :new, :show]
resources :projects do
  resources :medias, :only => [:create, :edit, :index, :new, :show, :update]

controller :advanced_search do
  get 'search' => :new
  get 'search_results' => :index
  post 'search_results' => :index

get "activate" => 'activations#create'
get "password_reset" => 'password_resets#edit'

get "profile" => 'students#show'

controller :admin do
  get 'admin' => :index
  post 'admin/profile' => :update

resources :students do
  resources :projects do
    get :unlink, :on => :member

resources :tags do
  resources :projects do
    get :untag, :on => :member

get "" => 'accounts#new'

controller :account_sessions do
  delete 'logout' => :destroy

get "register" => 'accounts#new'

match '/pages', :to => 'pages#show'

root :to => "accounts#new"
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If your issues are browser-specific, I strongly doubt there is anything wrong with your routes.rb file.

The issues are probably being caused by your views' JavaScript. In fact, it sounds as though the JavaScript isn't executing at all in IE, which results in your links being followed instead.

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You are right and I feel dumb :) - thx for the note. Movin' on up to IE8. –  daz13 Jan 27 '11 at 16:46

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