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I need to build a simple content repository, but I need to be able to do basic versioning, any suggestion on how to tackle this the best way possible ? A simple array of embedded content ? What's your take on this ?



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I think mongoid already has versioning support. Please read the versioning part in here: http://mongoid.org/docs/extras

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Right sorry I should have detailed more. I need to some some things that I can't seem to be able to do with mongoid versioning. Somehow sometime I need to skip saving a version. I looked into skipping callback but can't find how to do it with mongoid... –  Alex Jan 27 '11 at 5:42
Just to update: Mongoid 4.0.0 no longer supports versioning –  Simon Sep 15 at 5:56

Well actually, I was wrong, I can totally do what I wanted. Playing with the call back saved the day :)

 def no_versioning_set_status(status_symbol)
   Content.skip_callback(:save, :before, :revise)
   Content.set_callback(:save, :before, :revise)
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