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Is there an OR operator in LINQ?



how would i make it so that it will match 'firm' OR 'service' OR 'training'? thanks

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Some people are unaware that LINQ is, essentially, just a set of extensions to C#.NET. Many(like me) are introduced to LINQ because of mvc. – Robin Maben Jan 27 '11 at 13:40
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The simplest way of doing what you want is likely to be to use a collection of "allowed" words and Contains:

HashSet<string> words = new HashSet<string> { "firm", "service", "training" };

var query = from controller in foo.Controllers
            where words.Contains(controller)
            select controller;

Or you can just use:

controller == "firm" || controller == "service" || controller == "training"

in the query.

If this doesn't help, please give us more context - you've only given us one non-compiling expression, rather than a clear idea of what the query is on or what it's meant to do (and indeed whether it's in LINQ to Objects, LINQ to SQL or something else).

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Using Contains() achieves the same effect.

(new[] { "firm", "service", "training" }.Contains(controller))
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If you want to dynamically build LINQ queries, you could have a look at PredicateBuilder

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