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What is the correct process of deploying a WAR OSGI file (WAB) to glassfish 3.1 server?

I am copying the war file to "glassfish3\glassfish\domains\domain1\autodeploy\bundles\" -> OSGI recognizes the file as bundle and add it to its container. However, it doesn't deploy the war as web application (I cannot access its JSPs). To make it a web application, I deploy the war from glassfish admin console.

Is it correct to deploy the same war twice? Shouldn't OSGI deploy it as WEB and OSGI?

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To make OSGI discover the wab, I needed to add the following attributes to "maven-bundle-plugin" when creating the WAB:


With this configuration, war should be copied to autodeploy/bundles only.

More details (and other attributes) can be found here:

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You only Web-ContextPath as per the final OSGi EE spec. Webapp-Context was an intermediate name. No need to deploy the WAB again as a WAR as already answered in this thread.

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