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I encountered a situation in which I have to call a function several times inside a view. something like:

select a,b,c, GetRefund(a) AS REFUND, d-GetRefund(a) AS Payment_left FROM bla bla bla.

Obviously I can't join the refunds table to this view (or else I'd do it). It seems the explain plan doesn't consider the function's cause no matter how many times I use them, explain looks the same.

What I'm asking is - does MYSQL optimize this and actually call the function a single time? is there a better solution for doing this? Thank you very much!

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No. MySQL calls this function twice for each selected row

Is there a better solution? We'd need to know a bit more about your database structure, but something like this should reduce it to one function call per row:

  a,b,c, REFUND, d-REFUND AS PaymentLeft 
  select a,b,c,d, GetRefund(a) AS REFUND FROM bla bla bla
) AS sq
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Great idea ! my query runs at least twice faster now. Thank you very much! –  Guy Jan 27 '11 at 12:35

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