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HI, I'm trying to do the following.

<!-- html-->

      <title>(place current content-title-page) - lalala.com</title>

<!-- html [end] -->
<!-- menu page -->

        <a href="page-1.php">(place content-title-1)</a>
        <a href="page-2.php">(place content-title-2)</a>
        <a href="page-3.php">(place content-title-3)</a>

<!-- menu page [END] -->
<!-- Page-1 -->

    <div id="content-container">
      <div id="page-title">CONTENT TITLE - 1</div>
      <div class="content-block">content tekst</div>

<!-- Page-1 [END] -->

So, i'm trying to place the content-title's of all the corresponding pages in the menu and place the current content-title into the <title>

Can someone help me out?


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Not until you tell us where these titles come from. If you have them in a database, or in an array, or some other data structure you can easily do this. –  Dan Grossman Jan 27 '11 at 8:24

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Assuming that your page, with value placeholders, is contained in a variable $templates:

... <title>${title_placeholder}</title>...

To insert desired page title instead of the placeholder you could use the str_replace statement in the following way:

$template = str_replace(
    array('This is the title', ...),
    array('${title_placeholder}', ...),
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the content title is in the page1.php, hard coded. –  ronni Jan 27 '11 at 20:02

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