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This is my controller code which save data in table but when i put more than max length column data , it is not retuning me STATUS false; nothing is happening. please help

function saveImproveUs(){   

        $status =array("STATUS"=>"false");

            $improveUs = array(
                'NAME' => trim($this->input->post('name')),
                'EMAIL' => trim($this->input->post('email')),
                'LOCATION' =>  trim($this->input->post('location')),
                'MESSAGE_TYPE' => trim($this->input->post('messageType')),
                'COMMENTS' => trim($this->input->post('comments'))
            // Save improve us 
            $this->db->insert('trn_improve_us', $improveUs);

            if ($this->db->affected_rows() > 0){
                $status = array("STATUS"=>"true");

        }catch(Exception $ex)        {
            echo "I am in exception";
        echo json_encode (array($status)) ; 
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You have to throw the exception, it won't do this for you.

if ($this->db->affected_rows() > 0){
    $status = array("STATUS"=>"true");
else {
    throw new Exception("Could not insert data");

Also inserting more data than a column can hold will automatically get cut-off in MySQL, the insert won't actually fail. You should use strlen to check the length of a string and validate it manually.

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As you said mysql can not give a error see this details A Database Error Occurred Error Number: 1406 Data too long for column 'COMMENTS' at row 1 INSERT INTO trn_improve_us (NAME, EMAIL, LOCATION, MESSAGE_TYPE, COMMENTS) VALUES ('sdfsdf', 'sdf@gmail.com', '23423', '1', 'dsflkl;fkl;sdkfl\ndsflkl;fkl;sdkfl\ndsflkl;fkl;sdkfl\ndsflkl;fkl;sdkfl\ndsflkl;‌​fkl;sdkfldsflkl;fkl;sdkfldsflkl;fkl;sdkfldsflkl;fkl;sdkfldsflkl;fkl;sdkfldsflkl;f‌​kl;sdkfldsflkl;fkl;sdkfldsflkl;fkl;sdkfldsflkl;fkl;sdkfldsflkl;fkl;sdkfldsflkl;fk‌​l;sdkfldsflkl;fkl;sdkfldsflkl;fkl; –  Vicky Jan 27 '11 at 11:16
Right well you still have to throw the error as shown above. –  fire Jan 28 '11 at 16:53

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