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I have a table with these columns:

  • debt
  • paid
  • remained

Whenever the paid column is updated I need to recalculate the remained using the following calculation debt minus paid

Could someone help me achieve this?

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You could consider a computed column instead.

This article has the syntax for creating from scratch or adding to an existing schema, along the lines of

ALTER TABLE yourtable ADD remainder AS debt - paid
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Given table

    MyTablePK int,
    debt numeric(10,2),
    paid numeric(10,2),
    remainder numeric(10,2)

The following trigger will recalculate field Remainder

              SET NOCOUNT ON
        UPDATE mt
            Set mt.Remainder = mt.Debt - mt.Paid
            FROM [MyTable] mt INNER JOIN Inserted i
            on mt.MyTablePK = i.MyTablePK

You could also define Remainder as a Computed persisted column, which would have a similar effect without the side effects of triggers

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+1 for computed persisted option. –  richaux Jan 27 '11 at 9:46
Thanks for answering the question AND ALSO suggesting another way. In my case, the computation is geospatial and thus not allowed as a persisted column. (Computed column xxx in table zzz cannot be persisted because the column type, 'geography', is a non-byte-ordered CLR type.) I could create the computed column without the PERSISTED keyword, but the problem I am trying to solve is avoiding the expensive geospatial calculation at runtime. While the persisted computed column will work for the OP, your trigger solution is what I will need to go with. Thanks. –  Garland Pope Mar 14 '11 at 21:53

Why perform a calculation in a trigger when SQL can do it for you, and you don't have to worry about triggers being disabled, etc:

    /* Other columns */
    Debt decimal (18,4) not null,
    Paid decimal (18,4) not null,
    Remained as Debt-Paid

This is called a computed column

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create trigger DebtPaid
on DebtTable
after insert, update
as if update(paid)
    update DebtTable
    set remained = inserted.debt - inserted.paid
    where customerId = inserted.customerId

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Computed columns can be good but they are calculated on the fly and arent stored anywhere, for some big queries that perform long calculations having a physical denormalyzed value in Remained controlled by trigger can be better than computed columns.

In your trigger remember to only update rows that were updated , you access those by virtual table Inserted Deleted available in triggers.

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Good point -- nonnb's suggestion re "computed persisted" may help if dynamic calcs are an issue. –  richaux Jan 27 '11 at 9:46

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