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The thing is. I have one django app serving different sites.


The users login via a 3rd party SSO system which is then redirected(inkl. a valdiation POST) to https://myapp.com/auth/

However. since my users all belong to only 1 "site" i would like myapp.com/auth/ to log the user into the relevant site, ex. site1.myapp.com or site2.myapp.com and then redirect them to that site…

Is this at all possible?? or should i go about this in a totally different way? :)

I should mention that when it comes to the general usage of the app I have subdomain middleware to ensure that the users always only visit the subdomain(and data) that their account is valid for.

The reason I want to use subdomains is to make it simple for the users to remember their account url, while maintaining the pros of having to maintain just one django app.

thanks. hope you can help :)

kind regards.


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In Django you have the notion of sites. You can create your own log in view. If it's not enough, you can create your own authentification backend.

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Well, that doesn't really cut it. I need to be able to log a user in to his "own app", but this has to be done on the main domain. I don't see where the sites part helps me here?? I'm thinking more in terms of sessions, redirects, cookies, domain names etc. but thats about as far as I've gotten :-S –  Peter Møller Jan 27 '11 at 11:53
Sites let you separate codes and database entries according to a site. But a site is whatever you decide it to be, including a subdomaine. So you link a user to a "site", you create your login page, and on login, you get the user site and you redirect. –  e-satis Jan 27 '11 at 15:15

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