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I am creating a java application which performs URL search for site :

User eneters a category name and my application displays all URL's and performs some operations.

I am using this alexa api for URL search.

This api doesn't give all results. For eg. if i search for the category "Health", this api gives only 6 results but when i visit on site i get more than 500 results.

I tried to increase result by increasing count=500 and also checked by giving Start parameter in api but i am not getting all results.

Could you please suggest me that how i can increase the results ? or is there any other api which works as same alexa api and gives all results.

I got some suggestion that DMOZ api also uses same

but could not get the link for DMOZ search api.

Could you please provide me a link to DMOZ search api.

I thanks to your all valuable suggestions.

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If you'll notice, there is a Start parameter in addition to Count.
Start evidently changes the first result number returned. So:

To get the first 50 answers:


To get the next 50:


And so forth, until you get an empty return (which is what is returned when Start > total # answers).

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Thanks for reply, it works when no. of results are more, i am not getting all url's using api which are listed in site. For… is the request i am sending but getting 0 results but in site there are 500 URL's for "Health" Category Search. If i put Start=0, i get max 6 Url's. and if i add "Recursive=True" in params it lists subcat Url's too, and i need only Category Url's – Toman Jan 31 '11 at 12:52

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