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I want to represent a timetable on a mysql database. I had the idea that i should have three tables: 1.a classdetails table- containing class capacity, classroom name e.t.c 2.a class_sessions table with: start_time and end_time of session, 3.a class_unit table with: the name of the course (MAT003. et.c)

there would also be appropriate foreign keys in class_sessions table and class_unit tables

eventually i want to be able to query for a 'free' class ( one that does not have a class presently-at the time of running of the query)

and return its name e.g ( Room 5b)

Will the tables i have listed be sufficient for the query at hand?

any ideas how to make this better will be appreciated.

Thank you.

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A free class is a class that doesn't have a class? Instead of thinking about tables, think about the kinds of facts you know about classes. Assuming a college, think in terms of "College catalog offers Algebra 101 in spring 2011." "Professor Smith will teach Algebra 101 in spring 2011." "Algebra 101 (Smith) meets Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9:00 am to 11:00 am in spring 2011". "Algebra 101 (Smith) for spring 2011 will meet in room 5b." When you can express the facts, the tables will almost write themselves. –  Mike Sherrill 'Cat Recall' Jan 27 '11 at 11:28
Thank you Catcall. Below is an attempt to express the facts as i see them: –  watkib Jan 27 '11 at 14:58
Taking the example of math and roomx, there's algebra in room5b, there's calculus in room 5c, there's discreteMath in room5c, there's no class in room 5d , I want to do a query that returns room 5d. –  watkib Jan 27 '11 at 15:16
In that case, it is not a timetable. It is a room booking system. And you want the report in a grid, showing booked and free rooms. Correct ? –  PerformanceDBA Jan 28 '11 at 0:07
Thanks again Catcall, thanks PerformanceDBA. Yes correct its not a timetable the application is an sms based service to check for free rooms; but I need to be able to represent the timetable in the database to make these queries.and firstly i need to get the logic of the database right.Eventually yes, i might need to a grid on an html page. –  watkib Jan 28 '11 at 5:21

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This does what you said, but I'm still not 100% confident that what you said is what you want. :-)



CREATE TABLE class_rooms (
  class VARCHAR(15) NOT NULL,
  room_num VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL,
  CONSTRAINT room_nm_fm_rooms FOREIGN KEY (room_num) REFERENCES rooms(room_num),
  PRIMARY KEY (class, room_num)

  ('Algebra', '5B'),
  ('Discrete Math', '5C');

Having done that, one way to get the room number that's not in use is with a query using SELECT...WHERE...NOT IN. This probably isn't the fastest, but in my experience it's the easiest syntax to understand.

SELECT room_num 
FROM rooms 
WHERE room_num NOT IN (SELECT room_num FROM class_rooms);
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Thanks, Catcall, I think this is what I am looking for.Let me try this out.I'll let you know if it works. –  watkib Jan 28 '11 at 5:22

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