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I have Facebook and Twitter integration in my app. For Facebook I use the API they provided and for Twitter I open a WebView for Oauth.

To save the Twitter key I get back from Oauth I have to use CallBack. However using CallBack lets the user see a black screen (for less than a second) before going to the activity with the sharing options.

Is there a way I can avoid this black screen.

Or better:

Can I make a WebView pop-up like the Facebook API does? If yes, how can I achieve this and how can I save the key I get back from Oauth?

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I had the same problem that you and I created a Twitter Login Button library which do the same as the Facebook Login Button provided in the example of the Android API. You can found the code on Google Code.

Basically it display a webview containing Twitter website to allow the user to click on Allow and save the token and token secret. You can easily use this library with Twitter4j for example.

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