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I do have tags like this


I want remove numbers from this tag so I can use this code in php

preg_replace("/\d+$/gm", "", input)

but I want to keep web2.0 without do I filter this when I am using a loop..I do have more than 100k tags like this.

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Can you provide more examples of tags you don't want to strip? It's not clear what makes web2.0 special. Is it the . between two numbers? Is it that it has digits before a non-digit character? – marcog Jan 27 '11 at 11:10

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You could use the pattern /(\w)\d+$/m and $1 as replacement:

preg_replace('/(\w)\d+$/m', '$1', $input)

This pattern requires that there is at least one word character before the sequence of digits.

And to apply this replacement on each element of an array use array_map:

array_map(function($elem) { return preg_replace('/(\w)\d+$/m', '$1', $elem); }, $arr);

If you can’t use an anonymous function (available since PHP 5.3) like in my example, you can either define a separate function, use create_function instead or just use a foreach.

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great thank you – leon Jan 27 '11 at 11:16

From your vague description and the small sample, it seems you could just use:

$input = preg_replace("/\d\d+$/m", "", $input);

This would spare the 2.0 suffix, because it looks for two consecutive numbers as minimum. But another way to accomplish it would be a negative lookbehind (?<!2\.)\d+$

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