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when i compile i get the following error, why i get this error every thing looks fine.have given just a part of the code.

error: subscripted value is neither array nor pointer

int clf_cnt,key;
struct classifier clsf,*clsf_ptr;
int choice;
printf("Creation of B tree for node %d\n",M);
    printf("Enter your choice : ");

                    case 1:
                            printf("Enter the rules : ");
                            for(clf_cnt = 0;clf_cnt < M;clf_cnt++)
                             error line:       clsf_ptr = &clsf[clf_cnt];

but i have declared

    struct node
    int n; 
    int keys[M-1]; 
    struct node *p[M]; 
    struct classifier clsf[M-1]; 

then how should insert data to this array of structure

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You are trying to index a struct here: clsf[clf_cnt]. Structs can't be indexed this way, only arrays and pointers.

So writing e.g. clsf_ptr[clf_cnt] instead would make your compiler happy :-) However, then you must also initialize that pointer to actually point to an existing array of struct classifier instances, prior to using it. Otherwise you get undefined behaviour (i.e. most likely your program will crash).

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The problem is with clsf[clf_cnt]. clsf is not a pointer nor array.

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Because clsf is of type struct classifier which isn't an array or a pointer, exactly what compiles has told you. You cannot use [] operator on a struct in C.

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clsf is declared as a single struct, but you treat it as if it was an array.

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I think the offending line should be clsf_ptr[clf_cnt];.

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