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Throws IOException: "peer refused the connection".

This happens only with few specifies URLs, that used for web services and only on BlackBerry OS 6, on other OS versions (5.0 and 4.*) and with other URLs everything works correctly. Can somebody help me with understanding why this happens?

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A "peer refused the connection" error occurs when the server doesn't like something about the connection, i.e. you didn't supply the right userid/password to the APN, or there's nothing listening at that port. My first try would be to drop the apn= part of the connection string.

But if I were you, I would switch to using Versatile Monkey's networking helper class which will find the best TCP connection path for the device, regardless of OS version. It will let you handle the cases where devices are paired with a BES or not, if Wi-Fi is available, etc. It's really easy to use and solves a lot of connectivity problems that BB developers face given the mix of devices out there with BES, BIS, Wi-Fi, etc.

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The definitive answer to this subject I found it in "Apress Begining Blackberry Development Nov.2009".

From page 186 to 190 more or less... they throw out a perfectly written code for this... you invoke this Method they define and it will return the extra parameters needed to make a proper request depending on the network availability.

I cannot paste the code here since that would be illegal.


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